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Coronary Stenting

A coronary stenting procedure ('angioplasty') is a procedure used to widen blocked or narrow arteries. The procedured are performed in a operating theatre called a cardiac catheterisation laboratory. Like all organs in the body, the heart needs a constant blood supply of blood.  The heart is supplied by blood from two large arteries called the left and right coronary arteries.  These arteries can be narrowed and hardened by conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, a family history of heart disease and obesity.

Hardening of the coronary arteries can restrict blood flow to the heart and can lead to chest pain usually triggered by physical activity.  This is often called angina.  Angina can be treated with medication however in some situations the heart requires treatment in the form of angioplasty to restore blood flow and improve your symptoms.

Drs Das and Edwards are specialists in coronary stenting and perform their procedures at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.  They offer this treatment to patients with angina or who have recently suffered a heart attack.  They have expertise in using techniques to treat patients with simple and complex coronary artery disease.